Events not Firing in Safari on IOS 6


I’ve created a simple tweet button that will display messages when the tweet is completed:

If you click on the tweet button and tweet something using Safari on IOS 5

You get returned to the page and it says below the twitter button:

twttr ready
tweet done

If you use Safari on IOS6 it fails and you will not be returned to the page, but left either on the twitter page, or viewing all the open tabs you have and it will say below the twitter button:

twttr ready

Anyone else seeing this?


I am experiencing this exact same issue. I’ve been working on it for about 4 hours and my hair is beginning to fall out. I was able to get the web intent to work twice, with no change to my code. It was completely random.

Did you ever get this to work?


Currently there is no solution. For IOS 6 devices I had to create a timer on the page. This timer will be paused if the user goes to the tweet page, then when they return I check to see if the timer has elapsed more than it should have, then I assume they have tweeted.


Ugh, this is terrible haha. I have gotten around it by binding the call to a click event for iOS6 devices only. I’m assuming this is the fault of iOS6 and not Twitter although I can’t believe more developers aren’t talking about it


I have a similar issue, it does the tweet for me and then returns me back on my site. But on return, it doesn’t fires the callback function “handleTweetEvent” which works perfectly fine on every other platform.