Events hub widget hub.html


hi twitter development team. may I ask what is the events hub widget hub.html referencing/downloading from the amazon hosting cloud
"" ?


Hi Allen.

Thanks for flagging this. What you’ve got there is a really, really old URL that apparently we didn’t update to point to the CDN, probably since years ago. I’ll update it to pass through instead.

As for what it’s doing: The current implementation of Web Intent Events maintains support for older versions of Internet Explorer using a Flash object to pass messages between windows (newer browsers just have window.postMessage. So, ft.swf is just a messaging bridge. As per my blog post from a few months ago, we’ll be retiring that code in the near-ish future and dropping Events support in IE7, in favour of a more robust and stable implementation.



hi Ben,

appreciate your reply and explaination, thank you.


oh one more thing… just wanted to ask you what sort of timeline am I looking at for the update for it to point to the CDN?

thanks again