Event segmented stats return only "Unknown" segment



Hi all,

we encountered an issue when querying for stats with segmentation_type = “EVENTS” (across all entity levels) - the payload that is returned always contains just one segment with name = “Unknown” while the Twitter UI displays the correct event name.

For illustration - check this campaign level job. All relevant info (campaign_id, time range, account_id…) can be found in the response of this twurl call.

twurl -t -H ads-api.twitter.com '/4/stats/jobs/accounts/18ce54fslkj?job_ids=1039163129622683648' | jq

This seems like a bug - could you please check if this is really an intended behaviour and what could be the cause of it? If it is, is there a way to fix it? At the moment this renders the event segmented stats data we intake unusable and impacts all of our customers.




Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @romanrostar. I agree with you. We definitely want the data returned in the API to reflect all of the actual targeted segments (all of the specific targeting EVENTS in this case). Our team will take a look and see how we can fix this.


Hi, do you have any updates here? Is there an estimate or a possible timeline for the fix? This impacts our clients at the moment and is a high priority issue so it would be great to have visibility on this.




Thanks again for reporting this, @romanrostar. We’ve deployed a fix for this to production.