estimated_charge_local_micro vs billed_charge_local_micro


What is the difference between these? I understand that billed_charge_local_micro updates after 3 Days (99% of the time) but what about the other one? Is Twitter moving away from changing billed_charge_local_micro at a later time?



@tal_asad: don’t take the examples in the docs word for word, because they may contain outdated information. The main thing to get out of the examples is the structure of the response. For other entities present in the response you should consult their specific documentation page, that is supposed to be up-to-date.

In your case, you took estimated_charge_local_micro from the GET stats/accounts/:account_id/campaigns page, but you didn’t check the page where all the metrics are documented, which is Metrics and Segmentation in Analytics. If you had checked that page, you would have seen that estimated_charge_local_micro is not present there, which helps us to conclude that this is a deprecated metric.

And if we take this one step further, after a google search requiring the word estimated_charge_local_micro, we find the page Recent Changes, and we find that, indeed, the metric estimated_charge_local_micro was deprecated on October 7, 2014, in favor of billed_charge_local_micro:

October 7, 2014

We have stopped returning estimated_charge_local_micro metric that was deprecated late last year. Ensure you are using billed_charge_local_micro.


Thanks alot majoritdev. I am still getting used to inferring stuff like that myself.