Errors : Your Application ID is not authorized


How to approve App ID from account representative?


It is unclear what you are asking here. Where are you seeing this error? Can you provide a code snippet? Where are you looking for approval? What API endpoint are you attempting to use?


from requests_oauthlib import OAuth1

auth = OAuth1(“api key”, “api secret key”, “access token”, “access token secret”)

request = url, auth = auth, headers = header, data = json.dumps(data))

Output={“errors”:[“Your Application ID is not authorized.”]}

I am trying to extract engagement metrics(likes, favorites, replies) using /totals endpoint. But POST request is giving 403.


Does your application have access to the Engagement API? Have you got an enterprise account?

See the documentation here.

This is an enterprise API available within our managed access levels only. To use this API, you must first set up an account with our enterprise sales team


Not yet.
I had requested for enterprise access since a week. But no reply from Enterprise Sales team. How long does it take for getting enterprise access?


I can’t comment on times on that, however this is a commercial API with an annual contract. This is the reason your API call is failing, you need to.wait to have access.


Sure, will wait for access. Thank you for your help.


Which email address did you use when you applied for enterprise access?

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