:{"errors":[{"message":"Your credentials do not allow access to this resource","code":220}]}


this error is being generated

Error :{“errors”:[{“message”:”Your credentials do not allow access to this resource”,”code”:220}]}
Dec '13 - when we use GET statuses/mentions_timeline API it shows error like {“errors”:[{“message”:“Your credentials do not allow access to this resource”,“code”:220}]} what the solution . snapshot : https:/…


I’m not sure whether there was something cut and pasted from another thread here.

Would you mind clarifying which API endpoint you are calling and confirm the error responses and any response headers? Thanks.


If you are getting that error for GET statuses/mentions_timeline I would guess you are authenticating as an app and not as a user.


Hello Andypiper ,

Thank for you kind attention.
We are using Rest API and below endpoint

Please feel free for any query.


Hello Abraham ,

can you explain me how do i can authenticate me as user in place of application.


To authenticate a user they’ll have to go through a sign in flow.