Errors in Cards overview/types?



Hi, I recently tried different Card types in Tweets (summary, summary_large_image) and stumbled upon your documentation at

I think the preview is for the wrong type “summary_large_image”, as the real “summary” Card type should render a smaller Card with an image at the side of the text box?

Additionally, there are some broken links at in section “Drive engagement from your Tweets”.


Hey @bitkeks, thanks so much for your feedback on our new Documentation site! We appreciate the additional eyes! :slight_smile:

That’s possible. The previews shown in the documentation are using embedded Tweets from Twitter for Websites widgets, and the display in the mobile app timeline may sometimes vary. We should try to improve and clarify this. However, we do sometimes do some experimentation to test different card displays within Tweets, so it is difficult for this to always be completely reflective of the current experience across both web and mobile apps.

Thanks. Looks like, summary with large image, app and player card links in that section are not working, but they all also appear up in the top block of that section if you need to get to them. I’ll add that to our list of fixes!