ErrorException [ Notice ]: Undefined index: oauth_token


I am using the twitter app integration in my application.While developing we had this issue which is “ErrorException [ Notice ]: Undefined index: oauth_token” we solved it with setting the correct server time.

Now the application is in production mode,and it is hosted in server located in California. So,we had changed the server time to “California” time zone in production.I am getting this error “ErrorException [ Notice ]: Undefined index: oauth_token” when i attempt to athorize the twitter app via my application from India.If i keep the default server time,i am able to athorize the app via my application from India but not able to use the twitter functionality of my application from California.

How to make it work in all time zone(from any country and any place).


Hello Sivaram, in order to make sure your current time is in sync with Twitter, you can perform a simple HTTP HEAD request to [node:32] to get the “Date” HTTP header as an initial syncing step for your app, or simply check this header included in every response of the REST API.