Errorcode 324 Unsupported format Bmp while attaching jpg file


we have been trying to upload an image of jpg format with acceptable size and dimensions, but we are getting response as {“errors”:[{“code”:324,“message”:“Unsupported format Bmp”}]} .If we try by reducing the size of the image then its getting uploaded without any error message but couldnt understand why its happening???Even though we have uploaded within acceptable limit size its showing errocode as 324!!! kindly check into it as soon as possible. this is the image about which i mentioned.


The problem is that the original file is lying to you about it’s actual filetype! :slight_smile:

I just downloaded it, and although it has a .jpg suffix, the file contents are different:

$ file ~/Downloads/sydtra_r140964636590635_599_big.jpg
/Users/apiper/Downloads/sydtra_r140964636590635_599_big.jpg: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 607 x 330 x 32

To use this on Twitter, you’ll need to convert it into an actual JPG format before uploading. It is likely that when you do the resizing and save it as JPG, that conversion is happening, so that’s why you don’t get the error when you do that.


Thank you andypiper.