Error: Your account is suspended and is not permitted to access this feature


I have a collection of Twitter accounts that tweet out the movie times for the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters (no affiliation, just a fan). They’re all prefixed with ADHOS_ (e.g. @ADHOS_Village).

During the recent Twitter bot crackdown, many of them were flagged as bots. After reviewing the rules and making sure that I was following the guidelines, I went through the process of filing a bunch of requests to get them all restored.

I can now manually log into the accounts, and everything looks fine, but when I attempt to send a tweet via the REST API, I’m getting:

Exception: [{u’message’: u’Your account is suspended and is not permitted to access this feature.’, u’code’: 64}]

It appears that maybe the accounts were only partially restored, if that’s a thing? If it helps, I’m doing this via Python, using the python-twitter package.

I searched the forum and found a couple of other people ran into this problem, but it wasn’t clear if they ever resolved it. Anybody know how I can get this cleared up?



If the accounts are active then you may need to refresh the access token used by your application, by reauthenticating the user account to the app.