Error: x.decay, 'Zoom' property uknown, declaration rejected


Error: x.decay is not a function Origin: Line: 12. Got this error when implementing the widget, also i get something with ‘Zoom’ property uknown at a css file from the same server. Any way to solve this??


Which widget were you implementing and in what browser did this error occur?



Profile widget. Occur both at Firefox and Chrome. Zoom problem is really rather a warning and it doesn’t happen with Chrome (Although Chrome does show some “400 Bad request” error). But the Decay error occurs at both browsers. Also i notice that sometimes the widget actually works. Can this error be happening due to some expire request time or something? I mean, because of slow connection…



The 400 Bad Request error usually indicates you’ve been rate limited by IP address (your IP address can make 150 unauthenticated requests per hour). Leaving a widget up on a page and walking away can run through requests pretty quickly and if you’re on a shared IP address it can get used up even quicker. If you can copy and paste the zoom error into this thread, I’ll report it to our team.


Warning: ‘Zoom’ property unknown. Declaration rejected.
Origin File:
Line: 1

That’s the zoom warning. As for the other errors, how do i fight back the BadRequest error? I’m developing an intranet for my company and i’m pretty sure that’s holding the widget back and i kinda need it.



You can ignore the css warnings - they shouldn’t have an effect.

As for the HTTP issues, widgets wind up being pretty poor solutions for company intranet portals since all the visitors typically come from one IP, exhausting the free quota pretty quickly.

A better solution would be to figure out which public feeds contain the data you want, fetch and cache them in a regular interval, and then use that cached version to render the intranet page.

The best solution would be to do all that, but use OAuth to sign the fetch, so even if your shared IP gets rate limited, you will still have full access to 350 requests/hour for the custom widget, since signed requests have quota that is shared per-user, per-app.


Well at least i can know for sure now that the IP per hour request is actually doing the wrong. I’ll try some of you solutions and see if i can manage to solve it. Thanks for your help.

PS: Great work with this support forum. Congratz


Thanks, let us know if you run into any issues.


I’m getting that zoom warning too in Firefox, kinda annoying when trying to debug stuff and it keeps coming up as it’s scrolls

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