Error with Widget -- Object Doesn't Support property or method decay


We are using your widget within a web page on our intranet and we intermittently get an error:

Line: 12
Char: 38198
Error: Object doesn’t support property or method 'decay’

The code we have is:


new TWTR.Widget({
version: 2,
type: ‘profile’,
rpp: 4,
interval: 30000,
width: 250,
height: 340,
theme: {
shell: {
background: ‘#8a8e91’,
color: ‘#ffffff
tweets: {
background: ‘#f0f5ff’,
color: ‘#000000’,
links: ‘#316780
features: {
scrollbar: false,
loop: false,
live: false,
behavior: ‘all’

Do you know what the problem is?


Exactly the same problem here. I used more or less the same setting…
seems it tries to find decay() on the widget but cannot find it.

Problem reported from IE8 user…


Exactly the same problem here on IE8 & Chrome