Error while updating targeting (targeting_value '133' is invalid for targeting type 'DEVICE_MODEL')


I’m getting the error “targeting_value ‘133’ is invalid for targeting type ‘DEVICE_MODEL’” while updating targeting value but im not passing any tageting value 133.

below is the request url:,technology,sports&locations=dd9c0d7d7e07eb49&interests=13001&devices=3p,1q,1r,1s,1t,22,21,1u,20,48,49,4a,46,47,1v,1w,1x,1y,1z&platform_versions=1&gender=1


The error message returned is incorrect – It should actually be telling you that “targeting_value 3p is invalid for targeting type ‘DEVICE_MODEL’”. We’ll fix that on our end.

If you check our GET targeting_criteria/devices endpoint, you’ll see that 3p is not a valid targeting value.