Error while trying to integrate Chartboost


I am trying to integrate Chartboost interstitials for android but compilation fails with following error:

 src/main/java/com/mopub/mobileads/ error: cannot find symbol

I have copied the necessary files (,, to the appropriate folder and successfully added “chartboost.jar” library as well.

After some research I found this answer on stackoverflow. Changing the source, in fact, allows the compilation to succeed.

Nonetheless, I would still like to request some feedback on this issue. Does the aforementioned solution fix the error properly or are there any caveats? Will there be an official fix from MoPub any time soon?

Thanks in advance

My build setup is as follows:
OS: Linux, Debian Jessie
build system: gradle
mopub-android-sdk-master version: 4.3.0
chartboost sdk version: 6.2.0
android sdk version: 23