Error while register iOS app using Fabric


Hi Support,

I have been trying to register my iOS application on Twitter using Fabric
but getting error message as ("We’re unable to find the app you’re on
boarding, please contact”) .
There is attachment for your reference, please go through it and resolve
the issue asap.



Hey there,

Seems like something odd is happening. Which version of OS X are you running? Also, does a restart of clear the error?



I am currently using mac (Yasemite 10.10) and also restart I tried to register many times but getting error.


I was getting same issue and I used another fabric account and it worked for me. Please try using another account.


I tried to another account to another app. I can work fine but we have needed to register this app for client account.


Can you let me know the bundle id of the app?


Please give me email id for sending app bundle id


support (at) fabric (dot) io


I have send the mail and get system generated mail “Our standard support hours are 9am to 5pm ET Monday-Friday.” every time.Plz check it.