Error While Creating new apps



I want to create different apps for multiple locales from a single account. But after creating 5 apps it is giving me an error saying “Rate Limit Exceeded”.

Please suggest/advice what should i have to do to create 25 apps from a single account.

All these apps will be used in one website catering multiple locales.

Do i need to create different accounts to set this up or should i use only 1 account.

Thanks ,
Satnam Singh


There’s a limit to the number of apps you can create in a single 24 hour period. Why do you believe you need multiple apps to support multiple locales in one website?



We need multiple apps to support multiple locales in one website because we have a system where we need explicitly to mention callback url’s(per locale).

Can we have multiple callback URL in a particular app ?


There’s no way to have multiple callback URLs in an app, but you could always implement a single endpoint and use a parameter to indicate locale. I’m not really certain what benefit you get from having so many different apps here.

You’re welcome to register up to 25 apps but you will need to do so over a period of several days since there’s a limit to the number you can register in a 24 hour period. The policy here states that you should not be doing so for the same or overlapping use cases, however.



Thanks For the reply.

We have a use case where we have a system which maps application url’s per locale and takes twitter callback url’s(per locale). i.e,,

And it is also going to be different for dev,stage and production. Is there a way to map callback url’s dynamically to the application. Will such a scenario cause an infringement of twitter policy.


You’re able to override the Callback URL when you make the API calls to do the authentication, if you’ve not enabled the Callback URL locking option on