Error while creating an app


I am unable to create an app. I keep getting “You must confirm your email address prior to creating an application. Please read for more information”.

My email address is confirmed and verified.


I get the same issue, my email is verified and I create many applications before


Same issue here, it’s driving me crazy. Is there a way to resend the confirmation mail when you are already confirmed (no visible button to do it)?


I am also getting the same error. My email is correct and the system confirms it!


Changing the email address and changing it back worked for me ! :slight_smile:

Please see post


We are aware of this issue and are actively working on improving this process. In the meantime you can confirm a new email address and then change it back to the original to bypass the error or contact our Platform Operations team by using the “I have an API policy question not covered by these points” option at Thanks for your patience.


You’ve been “working on this” for months. And I changed my e-mail address but never got the confirmation e-mail. And, yes, I’ve checked junk folders.


No I did not know that I could highlight my code samples using the codeand code tags
thanks for letting me know


Unable to get Twitter to confirm my email for a API Key even thought they already approve a feed for the same URL something is not clear here


Seriously unbelievable after 3 months its still not working…


Seriously… We are the November 26 2014 and this issue is not solved… Guys… Come on…


Did you contact support as directed in the post from @aaronhoff above? Thanks!