Error when trying to create a new list


When trying to create a new list - I keep getting this error - "Your account may not be allowed to perform this action. Please refresh the page and try again. "
Whazzup with that???

OS - Mac OS X
Browser - Google Chrome 16.0.912.77 and FireFox 10.0


Tweetie why I can not open, but passwoard n id on twitter can be opened, what’s wrong in my TweetDeck, Tweetie in long-klu can be open, but if a new reply Tweetdeck can not go, I’ve tried to change the password in Tweetdeck but the result remains the same could not be opened, if you could please help me let my Tweetdeck can be open as normal, if you like the way how refrest on twitter, my feelings can not resfrest when using twitter, if the web can be refrest


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