Error: We protect against potentially abusive behavior



I never went to potentially abusive behavior.
Why this is displayed? I seek the answer.


Did you try following that link?


Yes.I looked support page.
Help I’m going to send,but why the error is displayed?

This was also appear below:


Also reported here Does not allow me to create a new app

We are aware and are working on this. Thanks for your patience!

I am not able to create an application? My mail address is verified. I want to use this App API key for personal use so I don't have website

Thanks a reply.

As soon as possible, I hope that this issue is resolved.


This issue should now be resolved.


The issue is not resolved. I am still receiving this error


I had the same problem and after a few tries I started getting the following message “Error Rate limit exceeded.


We’re aware of the Rate Limit Exceeded error and are investigating now. Apologies!