ERROR: Twitter Card Validation



I have been trying to validate and test my website on the validator but it always says 'ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors.'
I suppose all the meta data required is apparently inserted to the web correctly by Yoast SEO, as it appropriately functions on Facebook while not on twitter.

Does anyone have same case or any suggestion to solve this?
This is my website tested

Thank you very much,


I’m completely unable to connect to that domain. curl -v -A Twitterbot times out, and I can’t load it in a browser. That’s why the validator is also unable to work with your site.


Thanks for reply.
It’s true that the server is sometimes temporarily down but I suppose it is
not the reason as I have tested dozens of times while the server works.
Additionally it is properly shared on Facebook with appropriate Open Graph


OK, well at the moment, the server is unreachable, which means that the meta data is unreadable and the cards validator is unable to display a card. Try again when the server is up.


It sounds weird because at the moment I can connect to the website and the server with no problem, with no error on other Open Protocol things or affiliated functions; in other words, from other network it is currently reachable.

Is there any possibilities that only Twitter validater cannot reach to the server and it is the reason why’other errors’?


I can’t reach it from where I am located, which is in a different network location from the cards crawler. However, it could be an issue with routing between the networks. I’ll have to ask around.


I understand. I’ll also try to test again when the connection is smoother.

Then is there any other possible causes, such as 000host’s free server or free .tk domain? Have you heard similar symptom from users of such free services?


I have not, I’m afraid, sorry.


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