Error sending invitation - educational account


Can anyone tell me what this error message means when trying to add a team member, and what this team member needs to do to his account in order for me to add him?


I’ll add, I have seen other types of Error messages. The only one that is really self-explanatory is the error that the user has disabled e-mail notifications and needs to re-enable them. The error message that comes up for someone who already has a developer account is cryptic.

I would love it if a list of all possible error messages and their causes could be posted to the Education Playbook ( for reference. Or, clarify the error message to explain more of what is going wrong?


This is great feedback. I will work with our team to see what we can do to improve this situation.

In the meantime, can you please provide the @handle of both the Team account and the student that you are trying to add?


Hi @LeBraat, the org account is @jonerbu, trying to add (redacted). These people are getting variants of “invitation failed to send”.


@LeBraat: I’m also having trouble with adding (redacted) to the account.

The system says he has disabled e-mail notifications, but he sent me a screenshot from his account saying his e-mail is enabled:
Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.22.41 AM.png


There are a variety of different reasons why you might not be able to add a user to your account. I do apologize for the lack of detail included in these error messages, but we will likely not be able to do anything for these folks with these @handles at the moment.

We are actively working on improving the processes and information delivered related to this feature, but in the meantime, I think the best thing you could do is have these users create a new @handle and add those handles to your org account.

I know this is not ideal, but please do know that we are working hard to improve this situation.


Okay. This is what I was going to do tomorrow if I hadn’t heard from you. I’m sure there will be gradual improvements over the coming months. Thank you!!!


Hello, i was trying to send an invite from our org dev account ( to a user, i sent the invite but user did not get any invite email, so i cancelled invite to resend it (since there is no resend invite button), when i try to invite same handle again, i am getting an error

Error sending invitation

Invitation failed to send, please try again later.


@raj55720205 - A couple of questions about this:

Have you been able to invite this user since then?
Who is the user that you are trying to add, and what account are you trying to add them to?


Hi @LeBraat

I am also facing this issue. I have already added one developer to our org account after fixing the email issue on that handler. But, a day ago I tried to invite another dev and I got the same error:

Error sending invitation
Invitation failed to send, please try again later.

Just for information, it turns out that account has already been approved! So I got the same error for someone who is already an approved developer.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


At this point in time, you will not be able to add a developer that has an approved account to an additional team account. This is something that our team is actively discussing internally, so please stay tuned for future updates.


+1 cannot resend invitation to a same user after canceling a previous one

I was trying to invite @likecoin_fdn to dev team


I believe you have to wait 24 hours after canceling an invitation before you can extend another one.


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