Error response on Counts endpoint (30-days API)


Hi all,

I’m querying the endpoint Counts ( and I’m receiving the error

Unauthorized: Stream is not enabled for count requests

While, the same query for the list of tweets ( endpoint is working fine.


From the documentation:

The Search Tweets: 30-Day API provides both data and counts endpoints. Note that the counts endpoint is not available in Sandbox dev environments.

Have you upgraded to a paid premium tier, or are you in the Sandbox at the moment?


ok, I’m in sandbox


Great, thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately that endpoint is not available in that tier. Just to show you the other place you can always check for features, the new Dashboard will also show you the entitlements via the upgrade panel:

In the meantime, you’re welcome to use the other features available in the Sandbox, and we hope you’re finding it useful.