Error Report


Hi I just wanted to report an error when I’ve tried to login.
"This method requires a POST or PUT. /settings/design/update
I have a screenshot but I couldn’t attached it.
How can I report this?



Report problems with the Twitter website either by DMing @support or filling out a form like this:


Thank you


Twitter is going in redirect loop.

When I tried to open below link in Mozila firefox. Twitter going in redirect loop.

It will loop between below to URLs.!/ParineetiChopra

If this is bug then I am expecting some reward for that …:slight_smile:


Hi Jitendra,

Typically we can’t assist with site issues here but I can help with this today. Can you tell me what web browser you were using and whether you were logged in or not when this happened? Does it happen on all profiles or just this one?


‘Tweeting a photo timed out’ it’s been like this for the past few days. is there anything i could do? i really want to upload my pictures. thanks!


i’ve just joined twitter and it wont save any of the people im following, how do i fix it?


Dont know if this is the right place for it, but my “People you follow” section looks like this:


Error Messages everywhere i look its fixed one minute the next its back Help me Please


Hello Twitter Dev,

I was playing around on twitter and noticed one thing.
The URL: replies to me with ‘This method requires a POST.’ after doing a post method to this link I get an internal server error. I hope this is enough information provided to help you fix this issue.