Error received when querying Advertiser API


Starting today we’re not getting any successful response from your API. We either don’t get a response for a query at all or get this response (for example):

“FAILED: {u’status’: u’FAILED’, u’created_at’: u’2017-05-03T12:37:44Z’, u’placement’: u’ALL_ON_TWITTER’, u’account_id’: u’18ce54gh9ka’, u’metric_groups’: [u’ENGAGEMENT’, u’BILLING’, u’MOBILE_CONVERSION’], u’url’: None, u’country’: None, u’start_time’: u’2017-04-25T15:00:00Z’, u’updated_at’: u’2017-05-03T13:38:53Z’, u’expires_at’: None, u’entity’: u’CAMPAIGN’, u’platform’: None, u’id_str’: u’859748809496117249’, u’granularity’: u’TOTAL’, u’entity_ids’: [u’828te’, u’7i74l’, u’7i74r’, u’86019’, u’7i74p’, u’7i73x’, u’86013’, u’86014’, u’86015’, u’86016’, u’86017’, u’8288k’, u’86018’, u’828ta’, u’8284k’, u’828to’, u’828td’, u’828tj’, u’828tm’, u’828c9’], u’segmentation_type’: None, u’id’: 859748809496117249, u’end_time’: u’2017-05-02T15:00:00Z’}”

We query your API using “Singular” app on behalf of our mutual customers. Is there any change that was made lately that might affect the responses we get?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


@ReportsSingular: Thanks for the question. We had a slight dip in success rate yesterday, but see things improving now.

One suggestion: when requesting conversion data, such as MOBILE_CONVERSION, don’t include other metric_groups.

In addition, when jobs are taking too long to process (e.g., over 60 minutes), please use the DELETE endpoint to cancel the job and resubmit.