Error on card validator


I keep experiencing an error with summary cards. When I copy
and paste Twitter’s demo code into my meta description, I receive an error on
the card validator. It says I am missing the description meta tag, but I
certainly have it included.

Any idea as to why I am receiving this error message?

This is the code I have in my meta description.
This is the error message I recieve from the Twitter card validator.


What is the URL you are validating?


The URL is

Note: this is for a staged website that is currently in development and the URL will expire in a few days time


I just pulled this page down using curl -A Twitterbot and this is what is in the output:

<meta name="description" content="&lt;meta name=&quot;twitter:card&quot; content=&quot;summary_large_image&quot;&gt; &lt;meta name=&quot;twitter:site&quot; content=&quot;@_BridgePartners&quot;&gt; &lt;meta name=&quot;twitter:creator&quot; content=&quot;@_BridgePartners&quot;&gt; &lt;meta name=&quot;twitter:title&quot; content=&quot;Four Digital Trends to Watch&quot;&gt; &lt;meta name=&quot;twitter:text:description&quot; content=&quot;Are you ready to ride the next digital marketing wave? Don’t miss out on these four trends.&quot;&gt; &lt;meta name=&quot;twitter:image&quot; content=&quot;;&gt;"/>

It looks like the <, > and " characters have been switched with HTML entities. You should clean this up as this is not valid HTML.


Hmm…since I copied and pasted it correctly in the CMS, do you think this a development bug on our site?


I think it is likely your CMS is doing that conversion - or it could be because it looks like you pasted that inside the description when it should all be a separate set of tags, not inside the description content, so your site is interpreting it as text, not code.


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