Error on card validator


I am attempting to set up a twitter card for the first time. I am also using Yoast SEO. I believe I added the required information in social Yoast SEO and clicked (and open data metadata). I did receive a response saying * is whitelisted for summary card. However I have not set up a twitter card yet. I did notice that I do not have an image from my blog or twitter picture. I only see a picture of the twitter image. Honestly I’m not sure what to do at this point. My website is @youbfit. I’m attempting to set up a twitter card but I guess I’m a little confused.


Not really able to help you with Yoast as that isn’t a plugin that we provide, however once you’ve configured it for your blog it will start to inject the Cards meta tags automatically. It looks like it has already set up a summary card for your home page, so if you Tweet out a link then that should show up under the Show Summary link in your Tweets.