Error on call via App


Hello, everyone!
We’re having an issue when trying to pull data from an account through an App.

The App ID is 8679680
The Ads Account ID is 18ce53wwim9

The data call is run regionally and we have all countries onboard collecting information perfectly. The only account which gives us an error is the one I’m mentioning, and the error is not giving us a lot of context either:

An HTTP 400 response has been received for URI

We already checked every potential reason for this on our end and everything looks fine, so I’d appreciate if any of you could check what may be happening here

Many thanks :blush:


@okiagostina: Could you please provide the full error response? Thanks!


Hello, Juan! No further information on the error screen, only that 404 :frowning:


Just wanting to close the loop on this one, are you still encountering the issue? Also, as @juanshishido mentioned, there should be a response returned with all requests, even in the error case. Can you verify if you’re seeing this? Alternatively, have you tried calling these endpoints with twurl ?



Hi! Don’t worry, you can close the loop. We are in touch with a team of developers dedicated to our account via email so you can go ahead and and this thread.
Best regards and thanks


Sounds good, thanks!