Error NotAuthorized creating promoted tweets


Hi! I’m trying to create a new campaign for one of my accounts and I’m succeeding, but when I try to create tweets for that campaign I receive this error. (I have the permissions for create promoted tweet in the account…)

NotAuthorized object at ######## code=401 details=[{u’message’: u’User ######## is not authorized to create tweets for user id #####’, u’code’: u’UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS’}]>

Does someone knows why?!


@nicomilie: Thanks for the question. Please make sure you are using the as_user_id parameter.

Users granted an Ads Manager role via the Twitter UI at can create Tweets on behalf of the advertiser using the as_user_id parameter. For more information on Ads Manager permissions, see Obtaining Ads Access.

More information here: POST accounts/:account_id/tweet.


Thanks! Where can I get my ‘as_user_id’ param?? i need it only for creating tweets or something else?

thanks again


@nicomilie: Are you asking where to find this value? If so, you can use the GET users/show endpoint. Look for the id_str attribute. See the following example:

$ twurl -H "/1.1/users/show.json?screen_name=twitterdev" | jq
  "id": 2244994945,
  "id_str": "2244994945",
  "name": "TwitterDev",
  "screen_name": "TwitterDev",
  "location": "Internet",
  "profile_location": null,
  "description": "Developer and Platform Relations @Twitter. We are developer advocates. We can't answer all your questions, but we listen to all of them!",
  "url": "",
  "entities": {
    "url": {
      "urls": [
          "url": "",
          "expanded_url": "",
          "display_url": "",
          "indices": [
    "description": {
      "urls": []
  "protected": false,
  "followers_count": 437141,
  "friends_count": 1535,
  "listed_count": 1045,
  "created_at": "Sat Dec 14 04:35:55 +0000 2013",
  "favourites_count": 1887,
  "utc_offset": -25200,
  "time_zone": "Pacific Time (US & Canada)",
  "geo_enabled": true,
  "verified": true,
  "statuses_count": 2796,
  "lang": "en",
  "status": ...,
  "contributors_enabled": false,
  "is_translator": false,
  "is_translation_enabled": false,
  "profile_background_color": "FFFFFF",
  "profile_background_image_url": "",
  "profile_background_image_url_https": "",
  "profile_background_tile": false,
  "profile_image_url": "",
  "profile_image_url_https": "",
  "profile_banner_url": "",
  "profile_link_color": "0084B4",
  "profile_sidebar_border_color": "FFFFFF",
  "profile_sidebar_fill_color": "DDEEF6",
  "profile_text_color": "333333",
  "profile_use_background_image": false,
  "has_extended_profile": false,
  "default_profile": false,
  "default_profile_image": false,
  "following": true,
  "follow_request_sent": false,
  "notifications": false,
  "translator_type": "regular"

You need to use this value with the as_user_id parameter if creating Tweets on behalf of another user (as long as the user you’re trying to Tweet as has given you permission to do so).


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