ERROR: Internal server error


I’ve been trying to validate my site and I keep getting this message ERROR: Internal server error. I’m on wordpress and I’ve been trying a couple of plugins that have been working fine on other wordpress sites) without any luck. All required metatags are there, it just doesn’t validate.
Any help would be much appreciated!


I’m also having this exact problem. Is it an error on our site’s end, or an error on twitter’s part?


Can you share the URLs you are trying?


Hi RChoi,
here it is: thanks for looking into it.
Have a nice day!


Mine are:

The second one is currently down, though…


I am getting the same error/problem as well


I am also having the same problem with

I have tried both to validate individual posts and also the main page.

Getting “Unable to render Card preview” and “Error: Internal server error” when I try to validate.


WOW! 3 days + a few other users having the same issue and still no answer?


Hello Everyone!

An update has been pushed for the validator to hopefully resolve most instances where “ERROR: Internal Server Error” would be returned. Please give it a try and let me know whether or not you are still experiencing issues!


hi! I am having the same problem everytime I try to tweet something at the top of the page appears “Internal Server Error” I want to stay with the same account, can it be fixed? thax


Hi @adfrizard, this thread is about an error occurring when attempting to validate Twitter Cards for your website. For error messages while using, you should refer to the Twitter Help Center. This page may be a good place to start.