ERROR: Internal server error


Hi all, I’m trying to validate one url, but the response is always the same:

Unable to render Card preview.
ERROR: Internal server error

Anyone can help me, please? The url is:

I added all meta tags properly, but I don’t know what is happening.

One question more, I think this validator process is not necessary, right? Because few of my tweets display cards properly, without have made the validation…but the problem is that I just made a new tweet, and the card it is not being displayed.
If the validation is necessary, it would be fantastic some automatic mechanism…

Thanks, Daniel


Hi, any help ?


Looks like the page has a lot of validation errors - so fix those items then maybe the twitter tool will work.


Hi @danielgsanchez, the team has pushed an update to alleviate the internal server errors. Although testing your URL, I see another issue; that your image cannot be found for some reason. We’ll look into that as I assume you are seeing the same at this point.