ERROR: Internal server error on card validator


We set up Twitter cards last fall and it was working fine until recently. Now the large summary card is not working. When testing URLs on the card validator I get an “ERROR: Internal server error” message. Site is Why am I getting this error and why aren’t cards working anymore?


I’ve just tested your URL and it seems to validate without an internal server error. I see a summary large image card is defined. You’ve got no twitter:image tag defined on the front page, so the image is blank in the card. I haven’t checked your other URLs.

There’s a lot more troubleshooting information in the pinned post if you want to dig further.


Can you please try It is not working.


The page is timing out in the crawler since it takes more than a few seconds to load. I’m seeing the same thing when trying to fetch the page using curl -A Twitterbot (although it does eventually pull down, and the tags look to be there).


Is there a time limit before the crawler times out?


I’d say anything over 5 or 6 seconds to get any data would be counted as a long time.


Has that changed on Twitter’s side recently? Our site has not changed so I don’t know why the URL I listed used to work but now doesn’t.


Not that I know of - sorry for this issue.

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