Error in Phirehose.php



hi all
when I run http://localhost/a/get_tweets.php in website it displayed:.
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\a\libraries\phirehose\Phirehose.php on line 407
please tell me where i am doing mistake


It is hard to say what the problem might be without knowing more about your code and what you are trying to do. Can you share a sample that demonstrates this issue?


thanks for your response.
I am using the below code



class Consumer extends OauthPhirehose
  public $oDB;
  public function db_connect() {
    $this->oDB = new db;

  public function enqueueStatus($status) {
	  $tweet_object = json_decode($status);
   if (!(isset($tweet_object->id_str))) { return;}
$tweet_id = $tweet_object->id_str;

$raw_tweet = base64_encode(serialize($tweet_object));
 $field_values = 'raw_tweet = "' . $raw_tweet . '", ' .
'tweet_id = ' . $tweet_id;

$stream = new Consumer(ACCESS_TOKEN, ACCESS_SECRET, Phirehose::METHOD_FILTER);





its a sample code in below link


Hi there. Just to clarify, you say you’re trying to run it from a website? You shouldn’t do that, it wasn’t intended to be run like that. You should run it from the command line.

Have you updated to the latest phirehose? It’s available at