Error in OAuth While Authentication and shwong blank Dialog of twitter in android


hello Friends,

I am Running twitter in my application and it runs fine with the following error for first time, but after logged out of the session when i again try to login to the twitter its showing me blank white dialogue , I don able to rectify it please help me and tell me what’s the issue in this error. here is the error log.

D/Twitter-WebView(26524): Redirecting URL x-latify-oauth-twitter://callback?oauth_token=ZddOxJef4oFPgse0Of9wVqX1OMZ6hHaxFUGS6qweXA&oauth_verifier=srYrycNuQokMz8hb6pKZKMgiY0xrM3DGDPF7qTllDI
W/System.err(26524): Unknown protocol: x-latify-oauth-twitter
W/System.err(26524): at
W/System.err(26524): at
W/System.err(26524): at
W/System.err(26524): at
W/System.err(26524): at$4.onComplete(
W/System.err(26524): at$TwitterWebViewClient.shouldOverrideUrlLoading(
W/System.err(26524): at android.webkit.CallbackProxy.uiOverrideUrlLoading(
W/System.err(26524): at android.webkit.CallbackProxy.handleMessage(
W/System.err(26524): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
04-10 08:32:01.160: W/System.err(26524): at android.os.Looper.loop(
04-10 08:32:01.190: W/System.err(26524): at
04-10 08:32:01.190: W/System.err(26524): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
04-10 08:32:01.190: W/System.err(26524): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
04-10 08:32:01.190: W/System.err(26524): at$

Thanks and Regards

Arun Joshi.


I’m not too familiar with Android, but this part of the error:

W/System.err(26524): Unknown protocol: x-latify-oauth-twitter

Seems to be where you’re having the issue – your custom protocol doesn’t look to be registered with whatever resolves them.