Error in import MoPub statement in swift app



I’m trying to integrate MoPub in a swift app, but it shows an error when I try to import MoPub.
I think MoPub is failing for not having a step by step implementation for swift developers :confused:

Any help, much appreciated,

Thanks in advance


Hi nissivm–

To use the MoPub SDK in your Swift project, simply import MoPubSDK/MoPub-Bridging-Header.h to your project and ensure the Objective-C Bridging Header build setting under Swift Compiler - Code Generation has a path to the header.

You may also find it helpful to look at the sample app for Fabric - Cannonball? That is also written in Swift.



The path to MoPub.framework and Fabric.Framework need to be added to the Framework Search paths in Build Settings.


Actually, I’m having trouble adding the MoPub framework as a framework in cocoapods too. I can’t use the class “MoPub” plus I can’t import the header file from the pods installation either. Is it actually possible to use that sdk as a cocoapod framework?


You probably need to use #import <mopub_ios_sdk/MoPub-Bridging-Header.h> Had same problem, found answer here -