Error getting ads from AdMob using MoPub mediation


We are trying to implement MoPub into one of our apps and we have problems with mediation. We have added AdMob and requested banner ads and we receive the following error:

MoPubErrorCode: Third-party network failed to respond in a timely manner.
MoPub: Third-party network timed out.

We have tested the integration with Marketplace and Orders successfully. We also used a VPN to request ads from a US location to make sure we can receive ads and the problem is the same. Note that the AdMob banner id we are using is active on AdMob and receiving impressions directly from the AdMob integration.

We have double-checked the mediation integration for AdMob (we used the mediation wizard to get the required gradle entries). It looks like the problem is with the time it takes for AdMob to respond, but it does not take more than 1 or 2 seconds from the time the ad is requested to the time the error is displayed.

Does someone know why this happens and how to correct it?



Hey @athos

Here is our guidance for Network Timeout:

For banners, mopub time-out limit is 10 seconds and for interstitial it’s 30 seconds. After we pinged the network, if the network does not respond within that timeout period, you will see this error. This is a network driven issue – please reach out to your network partner.

If you’re not already on our 5.5 SDK includes improved logging messaging which should help provide better direction in resolving errors.

If you continue to have issues, please reach out to and we’ll dig in.