ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out


Four days ago I migrated two sites that I host and manage on GoDaddy from Linux hosting to their Managed WordPress hosting and added SSL certification to each site. All seemed fine until I discovered today that Twitter Cards for both sites have stopped working. A few links will randomly generate a card, but for 99% of links, I get “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out.”

All links worked seamlessly with Twitter Cards for nearly a year untl the migration.

GoDaddy can find no reason for this. Both sites generally load faster under Managed WordPress than they did previously. GoDaddy thinks it must be a plugin that is incompatible with the Managed WordPress environment, but I’ve disabled/re-enabled all plugins on both sites and it makes no difference. What could be causing this? Very frustrating! Twitter cards are a hugely valuable part of social media marketing for both sites.

This is one of the affected sites:

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.