ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address


What does that mean?


It means that your site is unreachable on the Internet from where I am, and probably from where our backend servers are. It does not appear to be a public domain on the internet that is universally reachable from a browser. You’ll need to ask your host to ensure that the domain is resolvable.


I also have same trouble validating the URL:


Is this a newly-registered domain, or has it existed for a while? our cards crawler is unable to resolve the address to an IP address. I did manually check your site in the validator via IP address, but I couldn’t get it to work with the domain.


Thank you for your reply.

This has got to four months ago.
The new domain is wrong?



This URL is mistake.

Correct URL is



I too have been having problems with my personal blog. With twitter cards to validate I receive the following errors:

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.

Also tried

Attempting to validate twitter card without the “www” produces the same error.

I’ve had the domain for almost 3 years but it stopped working in early September when I got a dedicated IP with my new SSL subscription. All plugins are installed properly to give out card information. Meta information appears to be in order when I view page source. And to verify DNS has replicated with new IP I checked my site using Tor proxy off of a server from another country. All passed.

I set my robots.txt to allow twitterbot full access to my site.

If there is something I am missing please let me know. Thank you for your time!

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edit 10/13/2016: For reasons unknown my twitter metadata is now working correctly. So to whoever resolved the DNS issues on twitterbot. Thank you very much!


Hi everyone I’m new to the community and am hoping to get some help. Was getting this same error for my site at Was working fine until about a few weeks ago and then suddenly started getting this same message in validator.