ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors


We have a website, we want to remove twittercards from our website for now, We removed it, still card is showing from few handles. Through twitter card validator we are getting response as mentioned in subject line.

Please guide us through the resolution of this issue.


Per the troubleshooting post you should already have checked:

  • if you see a validator message about Fetching the page failed because other errors or similar, check your SSL configuration. The certificate and server name must match (or be aliased to match) due to Java security constraints.

I’ve checked and this is indeed the issue here, the SSL configuration is not fully valid. There’s an incomplete certificate chain and other issues.

The hostname (www.) also does not match the certificate.

It is possible to validate the URL

The reason that this validates as a summary card is that you’ve got an og:type of article specified, which is a fallback tag for summary, which is described here.


  • fix your SSL configuration
  • remove OpenGraph tags if you do not want Twitter summary cards to render

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