ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors


Hey guys,

I am trying to validate my Twitter Summary Card and I am receiving this error message. I read some thread about it on already, but not sure how to correct this issue.



Please check the debugging topic and provide additional information.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for replying.

curl -v -A Twitterbot [works with http 200] - looks good
Wordpress is used

Thanks for the help!


Hi Vince, just another user here. I’m not seeing any twitter card tags on the site at all.


Hi tinkrelectronic,

here is the url with the twitter card produced -
However, going through the twitter card debugger gives me the fetching the page failed error, which it shouldn’t.
Our SSL certificate has no issue either going through the SSL Checker.

Thanks for any help!


Just checked this in the SSL Labs checking tool and it appears to have problems with the certificate chain.

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