ERROR: FetchError:autodarkmoded for repository: pink_store_repo (Card error)



I’m new to twitter cards.

while trying to add meta data to my site, I’ve used card validator:
I got following error:

I though it’s something wrong with my code, however I tried to validate following several pages:


I still get this error.

can you explain me what I’m doing wrong?


I’m also getting that same error, i searched the web and found nothing!


Same here, cards seemed to be working a few days ago, but today when I checked I got this error.

Card validator always says Unable to render Card preview

Maybe then today there is some technical problems. Because today twitter works very bad for me.


It just said my site has been whitelisted but then when i tried to validate it again the same error shows up again

FetchError:autodarkmoded for repository: pink_store_repo (Card error)

what does this even mean??? pink_store_repo??? lol

can’t they make this alot like Facebook?? its so much easier in FB c’mon twitter!!


There have been a few issues with services today. You can keep an eye on service status via the API status page and the status blog. I’d recommend trying again later.