ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout


The Card validator returns ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout for this website:

I have cloned the website on a test server and this time the Card validator is successful for this web address:

I have tested performance/speed of both URLs on GTmetrix and it is almost identical, please advise.

Thank you!

ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout

I get a timeout on the first URL using both my browser and using curl (and ping fails too). It looks like you’ll need to investigate the causes of that before you can use the validator.


Do you mean you cannot open this URL ""on your browser?? It opens fine for me and for other people, on desktop, laptop, mobile…


That’s correct, I’m unable to reach it from the network I am on. I did just load it on my mobile on 4G (but it loaded slowly). Is there any chance that your server is blocking Twitter IP addresses? There’s detail on this in our cards troubleshooting page.


I have checked the server for any IP restriction and there is none that would affect the IP range of the Twitter addresses. Also, the speed of this URL is very similar to the speed the dev one “” - and that one loads fine in your browser?


I don’t know what is happening, but the site cannot be loaded from my laptop, and a traceroute command fails after the 6th hop. You’ll need to investigate why that might be before we can help you with cards. Nothing more I can really assist with at this point.


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