ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout


Hi, I have suddenly been having issues with Twitter Cards. Every time I use the card validator I receive the following message: ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout

URL affected: &

I have followed troubleshooting steps, have tried different Wordpress plugins since having the issue and spoken to my host (GoDaddy). My website has been loading a little slower than usual over the last few days, but they say there is no issue with the hosting on their side. It’s just odd that both of my websites are not pulling up card previews having worked fine for so long.

Please help!


Hi - so an update. Having spoken to GoDaddy last week they advised that my load time and optimisation was probably causing the issue (used to have something like 70% page speed and 56% YSlow on GTmetrix.

I’ve worked on it over the last couple of days but this is now 92% page speed and 86% YSlow and I’m still having the HTTPConnectionTImeout issue when trying to run Cards.

I am just really confused as to why - I’ve combined scripts that were in the header, optimised images, fixed leverage browser caching but still no luck. I had done nothing different to the website before last week for this to start happening. Load time is also down from about 9 seconds to 3 seconds. The website is but it’s also happening on my other website

Also not sure whether you are aware but I think there is a coding issue with the cards themselves as only half of the image shows up, not the text.

Would appreciate some assistance here as Cards are important for the website. Thanks.

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