ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: DnsResolutionRequestTimeout



same problem


Hi we are getting the DNS error “ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: DnsResolutionRequestTimeout” when using the testing tool .

Our domains are and we also used

Our ISP is not blocking twitters IP’s. Any help is appreciated.


We may have resolved this issue by updating the meta tag


Hi, I cannot get the card validator to work.
due to:
ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: DnsResolutionRequestTimeout
Any Ideas?


How can i solve this?Is there any fix


I am also receiving this error on my site, is there any resolution?


which meta tags?


Having the same issue. It was working just fine up until a couple of days ago. No changes made on my site/server side.


This site looks fine now.


Unfortunately we’re not able to help with cards issues unless you can share a link. Make sure you’ve read the troubleshooting and FAQ post as well.


It was any link on my domain really ( It seems to be working again now though after a few days. Very odd.

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Having the same issues here:

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Hi, I’ve got the same issue and no solution for now: and for all our articles.
Any help is appreciated.


Is there any chance that your host is blocking Twitter’s crawler IP addresses? Other than that, I’m not sure why there would be a DNS issue. Do you have any routing problems from any particular geographies?


It was a limit from our host. We’ve fixed it and eveything is ok now. Thanks.


We are getting the same error: ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: DnsResolutionRequestTimeout



Your site is very slow to respond, that’s the reason for this error.


Thank you for the quick response!


I have also the same issue since one week: