Error :{"errors":[{"message":"Your credentials do not allow access to this resource","code":220}]}


when we use GET statuses/mentions_timeline API it shows error like {“errors”:[{“message”:“Your credentials do not allow access to this resource”,“code”:220}]} what the solution . snapshot :


I have the same problem on an iOS Application using Apple’s built in Social Framework. I have a valid Twitter Account and it is being set on the request.


i am also getting the same problem


Could it be that you are using application-only authentication as opposed to application-user authentication?


I have same problem


I have the same problem too!


I have the same problem…please help!


I got same error message when i send ‘status’ post from my iOS app . Go to Setting App -> Twitter , there is a list of accounts registered. if there is not any account verified with password , it seems you get error 220 (credential error) . Hope this help you~ :slight_smile:


This is a pretty old thread that is resurrected every once in a while. Many of the posters are developing on iOS. Check out the Farbic TwitterKit. Fabric is now the officially supported mobile SDK for Twitter API integration and has special solutions for authentication scenarios on mobile.

Any questions about Fabric can be posted here.

Happy coding!