Error Encountered


I try to send the petition to be approved and participate in Twitter Cards but i have always this answer: Error Encountered Something went wrong and your request to be added to the whitelist failed. Please try again. Reason: Internal error when processing


We’re working to resolve such errors – these occur when the time it takes for us to reach your site and analyze the results takes longer than a certain timeout we have set. We should have this situation improved soon.


Thanks a lot for the quick answer. We’ll try again in a few days.


Thank you, we are encountering the same problem.


Thanks! I have tried for a couple of days, but this makes sense.


Me too. Thanks. I will try again.


It’s been almost 4days and when will this resolve?


I had the same reply; only when I removed all special characters from my name and site description I was able to submit. It seems like “ë” is a bad character. If that is true, French, German or Russian sites will have lots of trouble submitting their requests. :slight_smile:


I have the same problem as @fboes. That doesn’t work when there are special characters. But when i convert my special characters in HTML entities, it’s OK. It could be nice to fix it.