Error downloading tweets: "HTTP_ERROR: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden"


I am using nifi to download all tweets from Twitter real-time. The processor getTweets is supposed to work downloading all the tweets when “Firehose Endpoint” is activated in “Twitter Endpoint” property. If I select “Sample Endpoint” it works but it only get some tweets. When I choose “Firehose Endpoing” I get this error: “Received error HTTP_ERROR: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden. Will attempt to reconnect”. Does anybody knows why do I receive this error and how could I make it work?


Looks like Apache Nifi is not coded for the available streaming endpoints. There is no public firehose endpoint (and there never has been one) - that is commercial and available via our data business. The sample endpoint provides a 1% sample of the firehose, and the filter endpoint provides up to 1% of the firehose depending on your chosen tracking terms. They should probably fix the code so that it does not offer the confusing unavailable option.

We can’t offer direct support for third party code so I’d recommend chatting with the Nifi project if you’d like to resolve this.


Thank you very much for your reply :+1: