Error Domain=com.mopub.nativeads Code=-1002 "The operation couldn’t be completed


I’m working with mopub in an iOS app. Sometimes I have an error :

Error Domain=com.mopub.nativeads Code=-1002 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.mopub.nativeads error -1002.) »

I’d like to know more about that message and I didn’t find any documentation about that.
Could you help me to find an issue?
Thanks in advance.


Looks like this was the log output after a native ad with no fill from Facebook.


Any workaround? I’m facing this issue for 2 days. Unable to test Mopub Native Ads integration. Is there any way to test integration?
In Android, It shows test ads but in iOS it isn’t showing anything.


Hey Ahmad_Rza,

Please reach out to with context on your specific issue. Thanks!


Did you resolve this? I’m getting the same


Hey Conor,

This is a very general error code that designates an error in an unsupported URL. Please send an email to with your logcat logs where this error occurs, your MoPub SDK version, and information regarding your specific setup.

This way, we can troubleshoot your specific issue.