Error deleting a Twitter list


I am having a problem deleting a Twitter list using the API - trying to delete or edit it in my browser produces an internal server error.

When I use the API, this list only sometimes shows up when I make a get request to lists/ownerships for my account. When I send a post request to list/destroy to delete it I am told “Sorry, that page does not exist”, even using the very same ID from my previous request.

I would be really grateful for any suggestions, I am not sure how to get this removed, it seems to be some sort of bug on Twitter’s side.


We’re aware of a number of historical issues with the lists API, and unfortunately at the moment duplicate list creation / deletion is one of them. We’ve announced that we’re working on some changes to the Lists API and hopefully cleaning up these kinds of issues will be part of that change process.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks, is it possible in some way though for twitter just to delete the list for the moment as I am unable to do this?


I’m having the same problem and it’s annoying me.


I’m currently having the same issue while attemping to delete a list from my Twitter account. Receiving ‘Internal Server Error’. Any fix for this soon?