'Error creating tweet'


site morefunz.com
Today I had a problem with tweets. Can’t to tweet, I got ‘Error creating tweet’ on any tweet button on the site. I have one another twitter acc and same error follow.
URL for example: http://morefunz.com/arts/animation/anime/animen

Maybe there was a code updating? What wrong I do?


Hi, I tested and it’s working. Can you add a screenshot to this thread?


I can’t tweet 0_o


Hi, I was able to reproduce the problem but I will need to investigate further.


I seem I understand why I can’t create a tweet via tweet button. Tweets aren’t created if the link to my site is specified.

Why I can’t share the link? My site under the filter? MoreFunz the WEB Directory, I try to observe all rules and standards of behavior.


I’m investigating this too.


Thank You!
It’s very important for me and for site users.


This issue was solved

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