ERROR: CPI Campaign cannot decrease budget


Hello Twitter Staff,

We are unable to edit budgets on CPI Campaigns. Can you please advise what we need to do here? This isn’t documented anywhere, so we are a little confused why this restriction is placed on CPI campaigns.


Bump - is there any specific info I can provide to help find an answer to this issue?


This looks to be an issue with

If you’re seeing a similar with the Ads API, please let us know what error you’re seeing there (with an example request and response per our Guidelines for Reporting Issues)


@hwz Looks like this is a non issue. I have an email from support desk that describes the issue as such:

In general, when the cost per install bidding is enabled in a campaign, the daily budget cannot be reduced anymore, as the campaign has already been optimized to spend through the selected budget. If you really need to reduce budget, we would advise you to pause the campaign and set up a new one with a lower budget.

Hope this helps people that are trying to create CPI campaigns and attempting to decrease budget.

NOTE: You can increase budget if your campaign is doing well, so this is not a terrible restriction.


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